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We are the official ticket agency for Rajbiraj for Shree Airlines.

Our main motive is to make it easy for people to visit places without getting into the hassle of managing tickets, booking hotels, making the route of visiting local attractions. You just have to contact us and the rest is up to us.

Nepal is a historical and ancient country. There are references about Nepal in early Hindu texts of Mahabharata and Puranas, as many sages used to visit Nepal from the Gangetic plain of India for spiritual activities in the Nepal Himalayas. Buddha was born in the city-state of Lumbini in 500 BC in Nepal. The recorded history in Nepal starts from the fifth century, the Changunarayan temple in Kathmandu dates back to the same period. The Lichhavi King Amsuvarma (602 AD)married his daughter Bhrikuti with the Tibetan king Shrong tsong Gompo and Buddhism travelled from Nepal to Tibet.

The Buddha statues she brought from Nepal to Tibet are seen in Jokhang Temple of Lhasa even today. After the Lichhavis started the glorious Malla period from the 12th century onward and continued till 1768. All the great art and architecture of Kathmandu are from Malla period. During the Malla period, there were many tiny city-states outside Kathmandu, each with their own King and a standing army. They were quarrelling all the time. The British in India were trying to take advantage of this situation. It was in the same time that the King Prithvinarayan from Gorkha started to unify the country and the conquest of Kathmandu valley concluded the project in 1768.

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